Friday, November 4, 2011


I cannot believe that I am actually writing this, but we are PREGNANT! 

Its truly amazing how when you finally get your priorities in check how God will let you in on his plan.  After I wrote the last post and it was getting time to find out.  I decided that I didn't want to know when "it" was supposed to come.  I wanted to just be okay no matter what and to stop with the constant running to the bathroom for fear of what I might (or might not) find.  And so that is what I did.  And I ended up three days late before knowing for sure.  Matthew and I had talked and decided that if I still hadn't started by the next morning then I would take a test.  This was on the way home from church on a Wednesday night.  We got home, I walked in the house and had to pee.  So I decided to take a test and if it was negative I wouldn't tell him but if it was positive then....I didn't know because I just didn't think that it would be.  :)  So I took one and was in shock when both lines showed up.  It was crazy!  That had never happened before!  I screamed for Matthew, handed him the test, he yelled "I don't know how to read this thing!"  It was hilarious and we immediately cried (him), laughed (me), and prayed (together).  It was beautiful. And to say I am still in shock is an understatement.

My first appointment is November 29th.  It seems so very far away.  I just don't know how I will keep still till then.  I have had a couple bouts with nausea but lately I have been feeling good which scares me so bad.  I would rather be sick as a dog!  But if bloating is any indication (which it is) then I am golden!  I also have had a few cravings, pickles and Chinese food.  Not together but that is all that I want.  I have always loved pickles but now I eat them constantly.  I have never really liked Chinese food except sushi but now I could eat fried rice with every meal.  So good!

My doctor has taken me off of Metformin for now.  It scares me a little to think of the chances of gestational diabetes but hey, I am not the one with the MD behind my name.

The projected due date is July 1 so I am almost 6 weeks along.  Still very newly pregnant but having trouble fitting into my pants due to the bloating.  Haha.  But its all worth it. I can't say enough how happy I am and how much I am thankful that the Lord has blessed us in this way.

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